Management of this workflow?

What tools do you use to manage this workflow. Content Management tools seem lacking in this day and age in the enterprise level. I still use the eRoom product in my organization. It’s been our standard for a long time to log and work through workflow databases using the eRoom platform. It helps because it’s our own tool, built and owned in house. I have not been able to find any other tool that makes use of versioning, databases that are workflow enabled and content storage. 
I’ve tried so many tools that either lack in workflow functionality, or versioning or use, it’s hard to find anything that would be a good replacement for eRoom.  I understand why I’ve heard rumors that NASA still loves and uses eRoom even though it’s an EOL product.

I absolutely can’t find anything better? 

I’m looking to post project content, version the documents in folders, allow only certain people in organizations to move projects from step to step.  

I would love to hear what anyone else is using out there….

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