I have extensive experience managing all stages of the web production process, from routine maintenance and troubleshooting to CMS application, build outs, and testing.  Over the last ten years, I’ve directed many site migrations and been involved in many site acquisitions.  My specialties now include fully leveraging CMS capabilities and training cross-functional teams to align their deliverable’s with CMS requirements. My strengths include managing a web production team of 12 members that were globally located, and producing comprehensive CMS documentation.

2006 – Now             Dell EMC                                                             Pleasanton, CA

Manager, Web Production

Project management

  • Manage a web production team of 12 for internal and external websites
  • Set scrum schedules and assign resources for each project in the Agile environment
  • Meet all CMS requirements for site migrations and acquisitions: content inventories, web templates testing, builds, and redirects
  • Supervise routine maintenance: troubleshooting, content and taxonomy updates, asset library expansions, and troubleshooting.

CMS customization & application

  • Document and traing groups on the CMS component library
  • Generate new layout options for project managers using the CMS component library
  • Manage regression testing and feedback (issue tracking and resolutions?)
  • Conduct validation and testing for CMS templates, modules, and components

Team alignment & collaboration

  • Coordinate submission of deliverables with project managers, content strategists, product owners, and localization teams
  • Collaborate with the functional analytic, IT, design, and development teams on module components, page templates, and workflow and site architecture.
  • Work with closely with content strategists on copy requirements for production

Training & documentation

  • Create documentation for workflow
  • Train and manage international content developers, self-service groups and users
  • Collaborate development and IT groups on requirements for page, system and workflow
  • Write content for internal web service desk and developer spaces.

PDF Version: April Helsley