Web Content Workflow

If your company has a large web presence you want to think about how you will work through the steps to get your content on the sites and if possible also localize your content.  Large enterprises sometimes have separate workflows for their international localization efforts.

Workflows may follow this flow:

  1. Content Strategy – Content plan is defined for site strategy for quarterly vision.  Plan is created for the quarter around major initiatives needed for the corporation. Thought around cross selling and up selling on existing pages should be done here.
  2. Project Scheduling – Project leads gather content in required copy templates and put in requests to design for imagery.
  3. SEO / Metrics – Review of content and make changes if necessary.
  4. Editorial – Editors review content and create better web content from this for the project.
  5. Web Production Review – Web Manager reviews the project content, adds required tagging to site, suggest/reviews navigation placement, corrects issues with file naming and makes sure request is up to web standards, then assigns to team.
  6. Web Layout – Web Developers / Publishers stages content on site.
  7. US Web Publishing – Go live on site now with project, or hold for a simultaneous launch with global sites.
  8. Global Project Managers – Review if content is applicable to other countries and should be translated, if so progress to next step, if not move project to Archive.
  9. Translation – Content is sent to translation agencies.
  10. Global Web Publishing – Translated content is staged on the localized sites and published live.
  11. Archive – Projects are archived and stored for reference and reporting – review these projects and remove content from site when appropriate.

This is a simplified view of the global publishing workflow, but one you might follow.