Content Strategy

The building blocks to creating your content strategy start with a content inventory, if you are starting from scratch you still have an inventory of sorts from the framework you are trying to build for your site.  Build a sketch of a site using something as basic as excel, to show parent pages and lower level pages under each section.  Make sure you make your content live categorized, meaning treat your site as a store would display it’s products, from Category groups and under that subcategory grouping, then specific content.  Make finding your content intuitive for visitors to your site….

Pickles would not live in the Paint section – unless you are doing an alphabetical list.  And even then I think you would break out specific lists by product / content type.

A good way to getting started on building a formal inventory is to pick up and read the Content Strategy book by Kristina Halvastrom – 

I’ve ran through many exercises of building inventories for our content and editorial board to review.  You do not want the content on your site to get dusty and old, always try to refresh and update your content.  Clean out the old irrevelant information, put together a schedule with your team to review your entire site inventory, at least once a year, if not every six months and assigns tasks from that review to remove, update, archive content.  When you have new launch material, plan that new content to fit into your site.  Start with where it will live, what pages are related to that information and should they have promotional images or content updated on them to point to your new launch pages.  Make sure the new content fits into your site taxonomy, update all tagging to include any new terms you need for that new information.

I have a checklist below for my flagging when we have to add new information to our site:

  • Review the content and ask yourself, from internal and external – What is this?
  • Where in the site would it make sense to live?
  • What taxonomy and tagging needs to be added to support this content?
  • Do we want to promote the new content on any related pages?
  • What is the call to action for this content?  Ideally you want to inform, educate and capture leads.
  • What is the lifecycle for this content?
  • Should the content be translated for other locale sites?
  • Are there existing pages that live in our site that should be removed from site and redirected to the new content because this information makes those pages irrelevant?