A few good books to pick up for inspiration on design, colors and organization. A great designer friend once told me, pick up any type of book or artwork you find intriguing and you can create a color scheme off the inspiration of that item. It’s helped me through many past color choices and even when painting the interior walls in our home.

Below are some recommendations…

Advertising / Brand

10 Amazing Brand Story Examples


Get your hands on all of the coding books you can.  The O’Reilly set of books are always good. Anything they do is a good base to work off of.

I just picked up the set by Jon Duckett – Web Design with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery as I’m trying to learn more about JQuery.


farrow and ball
Farrow & Ball – The Art of Color
Even though this really is an interior design book, it’s good for looking at colors and how they work together.  You can take any design and make the colors work in any picture in a website.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy for the Web – Kristina Halvorsom


Enterprise Content

Organization of Information

Edward R. Tufte – Envisioning Information