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Design and UX Examples:
Infographics Section

WSCA Landing Page Design
(graphics were done outside by design team)

Dell EMC Internal Web Publisher Space
Bulit and maintained internal site and created instructional guides for the web production team on using the CMS, web site standards, web coding help and web templates. (Jira)


Dell EMC Internal Web Publishing Service Desk Space
Bulit and maintained internal site for content and marketing groups, to help them on submission of requests to the web team and highlight recent launches. I also provided Copy Docs for various page designs and instruction guides for self service publishing.  (Jira)


Flex Box Coding Example:
Carving Cat – http://www.carvingcat.com

Old Archived Sites for Posterity
2005 Trifecta Studios
1996 – 1998 – Pink Cat House (Northern California Artists Board)